Emptiness as a Pathway to Violence

Apr 2, 2019 |

I believe most people agree that even with healthy people, human behavior can be finicky. Add to the mix any number of environmental, physical and emotional belligerents and/or neurons misfiring or not properly directed our sometime anguishes become amplified. The human being is resilient and when our coping mechanisms are sound and intact, we can…

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Blogger / Web Content Writer

Mar 14, 2019 |

Name: Jimmy W. Mercer Type of Writer: Blogger / Web Content Writer Location: Georgia Rate Type: Per Article or Blog Post Average / Typical Rate: $ 100 – $ 250 My Website/Portfolio Profile Summary Jimmy W. Mercer has worked as a freelance writer and published articles in peer review publications, FBI National Academy Magazine,…

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Social Distancing and Violence

Sep 28, 2018 |

“Social Distance” is the degree of acceptance or rejection of social intercourse between individuals belonging to diverse racial, ethnic, or class groups. Webster Dictionary Since early on Americans have clamored to social niches that reinforce their age-old beliefs and respective ideologies. The way we communicate, interact and our perception of others is intrinsically linked and…

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God’s Plan Is Not Happenstance

Sep 2, 2018 |

I’m reminded of how I began writing my book in 2014, wherein I attempted to chronicle my life and career. Many of the things I write about are unique to me and limited only by my memory. Whether it’s ever published or not is immaterial, it’s been cathartic, to say the least.  To understand this…

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Personal Abductions

Aug 7, 2018 |

As the whereabouts of the missing Mollie Tibbetts is being sought, I’m reminded of the many times, in the classes I teach, wherein women often ask, “what might I do that better ensures my survival”? There are too many variables to discuss, here. But, in brief, it begins at home with anticipatory thinking well before…

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Safe Travels to European Destinations: Avoiding the Angst!

Aug 1, 2018 |

Planning a trip? Whether you choose to employ a travel agent or plan your own there are some things you need to know. First, there should be an arduous effort and a copious amount of time expended in the undertaking of the planning and preparation that goes into one’s personal travel plans, particularly when planning…

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Survival in the 21st Century

Jun 5, 2018 |

Life is precious and treasured. Short of staying at home and lessening one’s exposure and interactions with others we invariably create risk to ourselves, often precipitously and unnecessarily. The way we project ourselves in the presence of onlookers can dissuade a “would be offender” from doing something nefarious. Victim avoidance is essential; given that prevention…

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Training – A Lifeline to a Company’s Efficacy and Employee Efficiency

Apr 29, 2018 |

If knowledge is power how do, we keep our employees empowered and performing at optimum levels throughout our companies? Why is it when purse strings are tightened at our respective companies, for many, employee training becomes expendable?  Although I’m speaking in terms of liability when this occurs, we invariably pay a steep price with “negligent…

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Guns, Radical-Feminism & Ethnocentrism

Apr 16, 2018 |

  Guns, Radical-Feminism & Ethnocentrism: Intolerance, Human Malware as destabilizers contributing to social angst… When this topic came to mind, it did so almost “tongue and cheek” but, my opinions soon evolved into how extremisms we subtly embrace, can be causes for perpetual injustices and when left to their own devices may contribute in the…

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Investigations, Interviews and Other Lawful Investigative Techniques

Mar 22, 2018 |

  Bullet Proofing Your Interviews and Other Lawful Investigative Techniques Business Investigations Conducted in Culturally Sensitive Landscapes. Investigations can be and often are arduous and time consuming. They potentially present an interruption in productivity while taxing resources.  However, investigations are seldom optional.  For all intents and purposes, investigations are a fundamental way of identifying, addressing…

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