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Our workplace consulting and training design has been engineered towards preventing a catastrophic incident, saving lives and fostering harmonious workplace relationships!  In addition, we are highly skilled in addressing and remediating post incident occurrences and thereby, reconstituting lasting civility in the workplace.  Whether you have chinks in your company's  policies, procedures or infrastructure, we are here and stand ready to make a difference.

Work Place Violence Mitigation


An incident of Workplace violence occuring at your workplace can be emotionally devastating to your employees, it can result in costly litigation and disrupt productivity. The good news is it's fairly preventable and it begins with having an educated and informed workforce who knows what signs to look for and what to do with peaked concerns.

If it's a troubling person or a toubling situation we will work with you in developing a psychological - behavorial  composite of the person in question.   After the composite we can readily detect and work with you on the appropriate intervention strategy. Picking the appropriate intervention strategy goes back to our extensive training and experience in dealing with hundreds of threatening persons both in the public and private sector.

Let JWM & Associates work with you in terms of intellectualizing through the process of helping you safeguard your business and its employees. We will assist you in terms of getting as much essential information, as humanly possible about the troubling person and or situation in order to make a proper composite or assessment to minimize your risk.

Work Place Separations


Embracing dignity and respect is paramount in dealing with employees. Even those employees facing a lay-off or termination.  We have been personally involved in engineering the downsizing and or termination of literally thousands of one-time employees.

JWM & Associates will consult and work with you and your management team to effectively engage in safe downsizing and discharges while optimizing empathetic business decisions without detrimental, adverse impacts on productivity and property.

Threat Management


Managing threats and threatening behavior requires early and appropriate intervention and requires more than just being a resourceful person. It has much to do with the art of listening and communicating and taking the appropriate action to safely abate the threat.

Any threat should be taken seriously, and never readily dismissed. We have well over a quarter of a century experience in managing threats and threatening persons. We have experience in knowing how a person will most likely act or react to any given, recognized intervention strategy.

Intervention strategies can be harmful to another or even problematical if an intervention strategy is embarked upon by someone who is not properly trained in threat intervention strategies.

Behavioral Kryptonite™

"Heightened and crippling elements of discord that lends itself  to incivility in and out of the workplace."  -  Jimmy W. Mercer

VIP Escorts Executive Protection


Our founder, Jimmy W. Mercer, over the years has been involved in the escort and safe-guarding of musical artist, television and talk radio on-air talents, VIP's and major jewelers.

JWM & Associates employs the safest nationally recognized business practices in order to safeguard our talents and precious comodities.

Having been a long time law enforcement practicioner we have access to a list of well known and established law enforcement and security contacts throughout the United States.

You are JWM & Associates VIPs. We work for you and will walk you and accompany you through what may otherwise prove to be disconcerting, trying  and perplexing times.

Personal and Physical Threats


Litigation wherein persons are sometimes injured or killed can occur at a workplace because of a businesses' contributory negligence, etc. Employees have a right to be safe and businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment. Inadequate lighting in the parking lot , or inferior access control or shoddy hiring practices can create business vulnerability.

JWM & Associates has experience in assessing building and technological threats.  After the assessment you will be provided an assessment document in a written or electronic format clearly articulating what recomendations and or improvements your business might embrace.

Employee Training


Employees must be properly trained and re-trained to perform at a satisfactory or optimum level. Ideally, should something problematical occur at your business panic will not ensue but the person will default to their highest level of training. Jimmy Mercer has trained employees for decades. He has trained 1000s of employees, students and cops. He has created dozens of generic training programs that can be adapted to your companies needs.

Jimmy can also design programs uniquely different and tailored to your company, solely. Training programs are usually in two - hour increments but can be designed for any length.

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Don't feel as if you have to go this alone! You do what you do well. Now, put your reliance on our professional means and knowledge of doing the right thing at the right time.  To do the wrong thing or nothing at all is way too costly.