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Defusing Behavioral Kryptonite

Managing threateners and threatening behavior and teaching employees how to recognize pre-emergent behavior that lends itself to work place violence is our core specialty. Early and appropriate intervention is the key.

Jimmy W. Mercer, President of JWM & Associates has approximately 43 years of experience in the public and private sector. He was Chief of Police for the last 10 years of his 31 year police career, all in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

How We Can Help

Our experiential base is extremely deep. We have post involvement in assessing and providing real life solutions ranging from mass murder to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. We have done it all!

We have consulted and safely engineered the Work Place Separation of massive numbers of employees. Although a dismissal is never easy it is important that it is delivered in a fundamentally fair and humane way. JWM & Associates prides itself in our Executive VIP Protection Services which has been provided to a variety of persons to include the rich and famous as well as the person next door. We are professionally adept in helping manage personal restraining orders and have orchestrated and aided the protection of both persons and personal valuables/assets.

Workplace Violence

An incident of workplace violence occurring at your workplace can be emotionally devastating to your employees, it can result in costly litigation and disrupt productivity.

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Workplace Separation

Embracing dignity and respect is paramount in dealing with employees. Even those employees facing a lay-off or termination. We have been personally involved in engineering the downsizing and or termination of literally thousands of one-time employees.

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Threat Management

Managing threats and threatening behavior requires early and appropriate intervention and requires more than just being a resourceful person. It has much to do with the art of listening and communicating and taking the appropriate action to safely abate the threat.

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"Last year, as our company was looking for a subject matter expert to conduct workplace violence awareness training, we were fortunate to partner with JWM & Associates. Jimmy Mercer and his team worked very closely with stakeholders to develop a unique, customized and extremely informative classroom training module. The training was extremely professional and first class. Our associates walked away with a renewed understanding of workplace violence mitigation and their role as corporate stewards".

Directory of Physical Security
Atlanta, GA

"Jim, I wish to thank you for the presentation you gave our auction on April 26th and the 28th regarding Sexual harassment. It was well received and your style in putting on a difficult topic was excellent. It was clear to me that you understood and knew the subject matter and your delivery of the material did keep interest and offered interaction with the participants".

Vice President, Human Resources
Detroit, Michigan

"Hands down you are the best instructor/facilitator I have had the privilege of hearing."

University - Police Chief

Meet Jimmy Mercer
An Experienced Security Consultant

Jimmy W. Mercer, President of JWM & Associates, has approximately 43 years of experience in the public and private sector. He was Chief of Police for the last 10 years of his 31 year police career, all in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. In addition to his illustrious and varied law enforcement background, Mr. Mercer worked another 13 years for a major corporation as a Senior Manager in Corporate Security.

Jimmy has a Masters degree in sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA., Graduate of the Drug Enforcement Administration National Training Institute, Washington, D.C., Gavin de Becker & Associates Advanced Threat Assessment & Management Academy, Past President of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and a long time certified law enforcement trainer.

Mr. Mercer has conducted hundreds and hundreds of arduous, sensitive investigations and interviews  with an astounding record of successes.


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