Jimmy W. Mercer has been teaching and/or training since the early eighties. He has taught or trained literally thousands and thousands of employees ranging from students, employees, managers, directors to police officers since the early 1980's.  He has also conducted public speaking presentations to audiences that range from 10 to 700 people.

"Last year, as our company was looking for a subject matter expert to conduct workplace violence awareness training, we were fortunate to partner with JWM & Associates. Jimmy Mercer and his team worked very closely with stakeholders to develop a unique, customized and extremely informative classroom training module. The training was extremely professional and first class. Our associates walked away with a renewed understanding of workplace violence mitigation and their role as corporate stewards."

Director of Physical Security
Atlanta, Georgia

​"Jim, I wish to thank you for the presentation you gave our auction on April 26th and the 28th regarding Sexual harassment. It was well received and your style in putting on a difficult topic was excellent. It was clear to me that you understood and knew the subject matter and your delivery of the material did keep interest and offered interaction with the participants."

Vice President, Human Resources
Detroit, Michigan

"Hands down you are the best instructor/facilitator I have had the privilege of hearing."

University - Police Chief

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Diffusing Behavioral Kryptonite along with our varied other professional services is the hallmark of our business.  We are zealous in our pursuits  and offer our undivided attention and expertise. Our commitment  to our clients is that you will never be dissatisfied with our professional passion to please.  Our plans may be malleable but, always consistently built around our past successes.

"Thank you for taking the time for non-violent workplace training for Supervisors and Managers. It was a very good learning opportunity for me". I have been through several of these in my career and was amazed at the new things I picked up this time."

Human Resources Manager
Wichita, Kansas

"I don"t say this to others that often, but I had to let you know that you are truly a great instructor and presenter. Regardless of the subject matter, you have a very effective presence and your delivery yesterday was flawless". I am an instructor too and pride myself on being a professional presenter, but I have to let ya know I was really impressed with your style and format. I dont know if the others realize what a strong trainer you truly are, but I recognized it and appreciate it! It was great. Excellent!"

Fulton County Chief Investigator
Atlanta, GA

"I appreciate the great training you provided for us yesterday, I received a bunch of complmentary feedback. I would not have expected any less. You have a great teaching style, and the information was excellent."

Security and Safety Manager
Tampa, Florida

"Our employees that attended this Women's Self Defense session are raving about it. He really gave us a lot to think about. Workplace separations-stressing progressive disclipline, and workplace violence were also beneficial for our managers. Jimmy has so many different experiences to draw from that he is able to hold the attention of his audience and receive feedback and interaction from the group."

Human Resources Employee
St. Petersburg, Florida

"Best Self Defense course I have ever heard!  Very knowledgeable, Great speaker!"

Georgia Realtor
Thomasville, Georgia

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