Training Programs

This list of pre-existing programs can be eaisly modified and tailored to your own specific needs and specifications.


About Your Instructor

Jimmy served as a paid consultant for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. He has trained under Gavin de Becker, Park Deitz and numerous other renowned threat practitioners.

Jimmy W. Mercer has extensive media experience having periodically appeared on the following:

  • CNN
  • 20-20
  • ABC News with Peter Jennings
  • Today Show with Jack Ford
  • Fox Network with Paula Zahn
  • Fox Report with Sheppard Smith
  • NBC
  • MSNBC with Paula Brown
  • CNBC with Brian Williams and Soledad O'Brian

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Looking to Train Your Employees?

In times of crisis, employees invariably default to their highest level of training. A lack of qualified training creates unnecessary liability for you, employees and your company. Even with respect to Work Place Violence, attorney's have become very skilled and adept with litigating and revealing management and company fault.