As a REALTOR® You Often Know Too Little About Those You Meet

Regrettably, Real Estate workplace deaths are on the rise once again.  Virtually every seasoned real estate agent at one time or another has experienced a perplexing moment in time during their meet or experienced a sickening feeling afterwards.

The meet may not have manifested itself in violence but, your intuition was in overdrive and that horrid feeling you felt afterwards is not easily replicated. After all, if things had deteriorated further you clearly realized you didn’t do all you could have or should have to lessen the occurrence of violence. In order to save time you might have made some fundamental safety shortcuts.

How harrowing it can be to meet a stranger in or at an unoccupied home or in locations that may be conducive for victimization. As a security practitioner with much experience in personal security, I can assure you emphasis should be placed on crime avoidance, far more so than extricating one’s self from an unwelcome encounter of the worse kind.

It’s not that you don’t need to know some basic fundamental ways to breech a hold or deliver a blow or leverage your strength, because you do. After all, that is what you may have to do. It’s good to be resourceful and metaphorically have a quiver of arrows than relying on a sole or single method of escape.

I’ve designed and created two courses which have applicability and suitability for REALTOR® offering 3 hours of CE credits per course. They are:

  • “Self Defense – Surviving in the 21st Century”, Course Code 66256
  • “Work Place Violence – Supporting A Safe Work Environment”, Course Code 66255