President’s New Gun Restrictions

I wish I were more optimistic by President Obama’s plans to restrict the acquisition of guns. America does not have a gun problem. America has a people problem. As long as all too many people devalue the lives of others our society will continue to have these unsavory issues percolate to the surface. I am interested in learning what is intended for the mental health component of his penned executive order. I can only hope this money is not needlessly squandered and truly makes a difference. Otherwise, I believe the POTUS is ill advised. We shall see. Its as if he’s lost sight of the objective, redoubled his efforts… which metaphorically is analogous to “spinning his wheels”.

This country has living laboratories where violence is running amuck, in select cities. Now this is where this administration should focus its attention and deploy its expansive resources to make a difference in the lives of these cities inhabitants.