Investigations, Interviews and Other Lawful Investigative Techniques


Bullet Proofing Your Interviews and Other Lawful Investigative Techniques

Business Investigations Conducted in Culturally Sensitive Landscapes.

Investigations can be and often are arduous and time consuming. They potentially present an interruption in productivity while taxing resources.  However, investigations are seldom optional.  For all intents and purposes, investigations are a fundamental way of identifying, addressing and correcting problematical people and or issues in the workforce while protecting and maximizing your resources.  There is an old axiom, “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”.  If an investigation is deemed necessary the person(s) charged with conducting the investigation has the concurrent responsibility of ensuring the investigation is conducted in a way that does not generate rebuke towards you, the process and or your company.

If an investigation is conducted in a way that recognizes your case will be seen, reviewed and scrutinized by varying entities with oversight responsibility the investigation must withstand unquestionable judicial scrutiny. It serves no good purpose to have tenants of the investigation suppressed or rendered inadmissible by a higher court and or creating liability for your company. To that end, when interviewing and requesting the interviewee to render a statement it must be don’t in the most legal, officious and transparent of ways. This course of instruction encapsulates the best investigative practices evolving around the laws governing video and audio recordings etc.

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