Survival in the 21st Century

Life is precious and treasured. Short of staying at home and lessening one’s exposure and interactions with others we invariably create risk to ourselves, often precipitously and unnecessarily. The way we project ourselves in the presence of onlookers can dissuade a “would be offender” from doing something nefarious. Victim avoidance is essential; given that prevention is much easier than extricating one’s self from an encounter of the worse kind. Although one method is more preferred than the other we must be prepared to adapt and overcome any prospective threat of danger. That is the principal reason I created this course of instruction, which has been successfully taught to literally thousands of participants, “Self Defense – Survival in the 21st Century”. It is one of the most popular courses in my extensive training repertoire. It is ideal for all walks of life, whether it’s working professionals, collegiate settings, neighborhood associations, etc. Call or email today for information. Please view the Training and Services page on this website.
Jimmy W. Mercer, M.S.,
President, JWM & Associates, LLC Consulting and Training
Retired, Chief of Police
FBI – NA 110th Session.