Attacks on our churches and its parishioners has become all too common, Charleston South Carolina, Sutherland Springs, Texas and most recently the West Freeway Church of Christ near Fort Worth Texas to name just a few. Quite often, if violent behavior can’t be attributed to a “grievance, mental health issue or terrorism” the occurrence often lends itself to disquieting speculation. Whether it’s a large, medium or small church they ALL have unique vulnerabilities. If your church has a security team, we can make it better, or audit your security practices, if you don’t have one, we can assist you in designing and building one.  We have an 8-hour course that can be taught in 4 two-hour segments or 8 one-hour segments. This course is designed to accommodate your volunteers that are employed outside of the church.

We can assess your current best practices and church security needs, staffing including selection and vetting of personnel, chronicling and abating threats, identify “troubling people” and “troubling situations”, how to deal with active shooter(s), less than lethal and lethal force training, recommended weaponry, conspicuous and less than conspicuous security personnel and liability indemnification. This is just a component sampling of the expert training we can provide to your team.  Whether you have a two-person team or dozens of security personnel the training cost is the same and not based on the number of participants.

This training is Instructor Based Training (IBT) provided by JWM & Associates, LLC.  President Jimmy W. Mercer, MS., BS. is a certified instructor in managing aggression and has taught thousands and thousands of people for decades. This is not a canned electronic presentation. It is an interactive course with training objectives, including simulations, which allows for thoroughness, emphasizing and accentuating what otherwise may be mis-clarifications, etc.  Certainly not something you want when understanding the use of force. Visit my training and services page for more detailed information about what I offer. JWM & Associates, LLC deals with threats and violent behavior daily, providing security services to some major corporations.

Please contact JWM & Associates, LLC at 404-804-1637 today for a free consultation detailing start-up information, availability and pricing.

Jimmy W. Mercer, MS., BS.

JWM & Associates, LLC

Security Consulting and Training